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Welcome to the governing body section of the school website

The governing body is made up of fourteen people, who are volunteers. They represent different parts of the community: staff members, including the head teacher, parents, the local community and the Local Authority. Members of staff and parents are elected and the Local Authority appoints its representatives. The governing body can co-opt members of the local community in order to try and ensure it has available a good range of experience and skills.

The main duties of the governing body are:

  • To develop and maintain a vision for the development of the school

  • To oversee the quality of education in the school and the standards being achieved by pupils

  • To agree and monitor the developments the school is making to improve itself

  • To set the budget and monitor the use of all the resources available to the school

It is also involved in making appointments to the school and can deal with complaints and grievances.

In order to carry out its duties, the governing body meets twice a term. It also has a number of sub-committees which meet to consider some matters in more detail. Once a year, the governing body invites parents to a meeting at which it explains what it has done over the year and listens to comments and any concerns from parents.

Being a school governor is an interesting but challenging role. Training is provided by the Local Authority. There are vacancies from time to time. If you are interested in becoming a governor at the school, please contact our current Chair Ms Sarah Lewis.

Our Governors

Community Mrs Jac Denley-Jones
Community Mr Glyn Davies
Community Mr Luke skywalker 
Acting Headteacher                       Mr Rhys ap Gwyn
 LEA Appointed Christine Marchant
 LEA Appointed Sinead Jackson
 Parent Kerys Shepperd
 Parent Bronwen McDonald
 Parent Alison Langford
 Parent Helen Swain
 Staff Wendy Nutt
 Teacher Rep Harriet Hurford
The Governor responsible for Safeguarding at the school is Christine Marchant.