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Poetry Corner

My  golden dog
By Tirion
My dog has golden hair like the sun,
Around the park he loves to run,
My dog has eyes bright and blue like the sea,
Even though he’s blind and cannot see.
My dog jumps at the sight of meats,
Even though he never eats,
He always likes to play with my balls,
But he’s unstable and sometimes he falls.
My dog lives outside and sometimes feels alone,
And when I’m by his side I notice how he’s grown,
He’s a faithful, loving, happy canine,
And I love the fact that he’s mine, all mine!!!


The cheetah

By Eufemia

The cheetah has a face like the clock in the hall,

She lies in the trees by the corner of the wall,

Among leaves and apples and little tiny creatures,

And all I can see is the amazing features.


She runs and jumps and always pounces,

She could only weigh a couple of ounces!

She hunts and stalks and waits for her prey,

She hunts by night but sleeps by day.