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Snow update Tuesday 22nd January

Dear Parent / Guardian , 
Thank you once again for your continuing patience. I want to apologise for having to close today despite the "optimistic" messages yesterday. I should not have raised anyones hopes and I am sorry for my actions and any offence that they may have caused. We did however do everything we could to stay open today.

Please note the PDF attachments below as they relate to the weather for today and tonight and the forecast is not looking good. As ever, a decision to open / close will be made in the morning so please log into this website early in the morning, as well as keeping an eye out on Torfaen's Homepage and it's Facebook account.

I have asked for further help as can be seen from the email below but Torfaen has to prioritise its main roads / bus routes.

I will again look into hiring a digger either this afternoon or tomorrow, depending upon the situation. I don't really want to pay the digger to come again and then have all the work undone by a fresh fall of snow.

If we are closed tomorrow then I will of course do my utmost to hire a digger again in order to try and get open on Thursday. The digger did clear the bulk of the snow yesterday so hopefully there will be less to clear this time. Would parents also be available to help? If parents could come to the school at a date / time to follow with shovels, spades, etc to help clear lanes and paths then that would be great! Teas , coffees and biscuits would be on the school of course! If you feel that you would be able to help then please email me on and I will compile a list and email / text these parents / guardians when we would be ready to go. If you could spread the message via Twitter / Facebook etc then that would be appreciated even if you can't help out yourself.

Once again I am sorry for the closure today but appreciate your patience.

Mr. Parry

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