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Snow Update Thursday 24th January


First and foremost a HUGE than you to the following volunteers who pulled out a lot of stops this morning in helping getting the school site ready for tomorrow:-

Christine Marchant, Emma Witcombe, Bob Davies, Chris Williams, Alice Stokes, Abigail Stokes, Jon Yandle, Louise Lewis, Khayla Jones, Tracey Cotterell, Libby Cotterell, Malcolm Hobson, Steve Bridges, Ruby Bridges, Nell Bridges, Mr. Hawkins, Rebecca Williams, Gemma Holman, Nia Lewis, Gareth Watkins, Craig Davies, Collette Finch, Ethan Broom, Beth Koschewoj, Karen Williams, Julie Hancock, Harrison Nutt and Watkins Builders (apologies to anyone I've forgotten)

All went above and beyond the call of duty as can be seen from the picures below.
Ysgol Bryn Onnen in extremely grateful for your help, efforts and good company.

All Parents / Guardians/ Staff must now heed the following points please.

There will be NO BREAKFAST CLUB TOMORROW MORNING to ensure smooth passage of cars and buses as they drop children off at the school.

Some staff will have to park their cars along the pavement and fence on the lane leading directly into the school. No parent will be allowed to park here and there is more than enough room to allow children easy access into the school.

We will not allow any contractor on the site tomorrow apart from those delivering food. I will contact the LA so that they can make sure that this happens tomorrow.

When coming to school in the morning a one way system will be in operation as follows. Come in via the main way and then go directly down Shop Road. Follow the road around until you get to the Community Centre.  I can meet your children there and then help direct them, along with other staff members, into the school. PLEASE DO NOT STOP AND PARK YOUR CAR ANYWHERE ALONG THIS ROUTE AS IT WILL ONLY CAUSE CHAOS, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE BUSES ARRIVE. WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE SAFE GOING INTO THE SCHOOL.  Therefore unless there is an emergency please do not park up to come into the office for any reason tomorrow morning. I'm sure things can wait until Monday morning if needs be. ALL PARENTS MUST FOLLOW ANY INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY ANY STAFF MEMBER TOMORROW MORNING.

For bus children please tell your child to walk sensibly into the school in the morning - no running / skidding / throwing snow etc. 

The above procedure will also be in place for both a.m. and p.m. nursery children.

At then end of the day usual procedures will apply but I will be looking at traffic and making sure that the flow is stopped if needs be in order to get children safely on the bus. Parents / Guardians will be expected to follow ALL instuctions without fail and I know that this will be the case with everyone.

The school accepts no responsibility whatsover if any of the above point sare not adhered to.

IAs ever, I am very grateful for your patience, understanding and support. I look forward to seing you tomorrow!

Kind regards,
Mr. Parry