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Annwyl Riant / Warcheidwad,


Fideos lles


Mae ein fideo lles diweddaraf wedi ei lanlwytho i Dojo a Facebook. Ymunwch gyda Miss Williams-Jones am sesiwn dawns.




Disgybl yr wythnos


Derbyn                        Oliver C a Jasmine

Meithrin          George C a Maisie

Blwyddyn 1    Elizabeth a Niya

Blwyddyn 2    Evie

Blwyddyn 3    Ruby

Blwyddyn 4    Macie-Ella

Blwyddyn 5    Megan D

Blwyddyn 6    Cae


Ymdrech Arwrol


Derbyn                        Ella M

Meithrin          Polly a Layne

Blwyddyn 1    Evelyn

Blwyddyn 2    Josh T

Blwyddyn 3    Izobelle

Blwyddyn 4    Amelie S

Blwyddyn 5    Iwan F

Blwyddyn 6    Lisa B


Patrwn iaith yr wythnos


Patrwm iaith yr wythnos hon yw “Ble mae…?”


Cadwch lygad yr wythnos nesaf ar Trydar am atebion gwahanol i’r cwestiwn.


Dear Parent / Guardian,


Wellbeing Videos


Our latest wellbeing video is now available on Facebook and Dojo.  Huge thank you to Miss Williams-Jones for providing us all with a dance session. If you haven’t tried it yet visit;


Please share any photos of children or families participating with your class teacher via Hwb or Dojo.


Next week we will be sharing a fitness video alongside Torfaen Sports Development.


Online learning questionnaire


A huge thank you to all parents who have completed our questionnaire – it is still on Schoop forms for anyone who would like to add their view.




To give you a taster of what has been going on this week, Year 2 have been studying the weather and filming themselves doing weather reports. Year 4 have been learning about Scott’s expedition to the Antartcic. Year 6 have been learning about Oxfam’s work and focussing on their work in Malawi. Year 5 have been studying Macbeth and Santes Dwynwen. This is just a taste of what has been happening, some wonderful and interesting work has been going on in all classes.


Pupils of the week


Derbyn                        Oliver C a Jasmine

Meithrin          George a Maisie

Year 1             Elizabeth and Niya

Year  2            Evie

Year  3            Ruby

Year  4            Macie-Ella

Year  5            Megan D

Year  6            Cae


Lockdown heroes


Derbyn                        Ella M

Meithrin          Polly a Layne

Year 1             Evelyn

Year  2            Josh T

Year  3            Izobelle

Year  4            Amelie S

Year  5            Iwan F

Year  6            Lisa B


Weekly language pattern


The language pattern for this week is “Ble mae..?” – “Where is…?”

Look out during the week for posts with different answers to the question.


Mwynhewch y penwythnos.




Enjoy the weekend!


Yr eiddoch yn gywir / Yours sincerely,




Mr. Rh ap Gwyn