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Gweithgareddau eira/Snow activites

Our class theme for this week would have been Santes Dwynwen (Welsh Valentines day) which is on Friday. Here are some activities for you to do at home during the snow:
  • Make a card for someone who is special to you.
  • Collect different things around the house that are pink/red and make a collage.
  • Practice forming the letter d on a large piece of paper.
  • Paint different sized hearts.
  • Make a Santes Dwynwen day gift to give to someone you love.
  • Practice forming numbers 1-10
  • Practice counting different objects in the house.
  • Practice scissor skills by cutting out different sized hearts...use these to make some decorations for the house.
  • Draw a picture of someone who is special to you.

  • There are also some nice Welsh games on so give it a visit and try and practice your Welsh.The children will be familiar with this site.