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Gweithgareddau Diwrnod Eira/Snow day activities

Practice simple addition and subtraction worded problems. Help your child to decide whether subtraction or addition is needed in order to solve the problem e.g 'There were 10 snowmen in a field, 3 melted!  How many were left?   (10-7=3)

Count/arrange numbers in 2's and 10's.  Find the missing number(s) in the pattern e.g 
____ 4, 6 , ____  10   or         10, 20, _____, 40, _____

Practice writing 3 letter CVC (Consonant, vowel, Consonant) words using the yellow letters which I have sent home:-
c-a-p       m-a-t      h-e-t       c-a-r         h-a-m     t-a-p     m-a-p

You can move on to the blue words if your child has mastered the above:-

b-w-s         b-a-th        b-o-l           m-w-g       c-a-th      n-o-s

Dathlu Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen/Celebrating St Dwynwen's Day

Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen: 25ain o Ionawr/ St Dwynwen's Day: 25th of January
Find out all you can about the story of Saint Dwynwen, who was she and why do we remember her?  How do we celebrate Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen?  Print/draw some pictures of the story or write a little something about her life.  Draw a picture of someone who is special to you or create a gift/card to give to someone special.