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Chinese New Year

We wrote about the Chinese New Year as if we were  a Chinese person.

I can’t wait for our New Year! In china we put up fire crackers to keep away the bad spirits.  We clean the house to get rid of last year’s bad luck! We mostly wear red because its a symbol of joy and happiness. When we give gifts we put them in pairs because odd numbers are unlucky. Every year we name after an animal. On New Year’s Day we have a massive feast. When we give cards we put money in them. We never eat meat on New Year day because of the animals. I love going to the parade to see all the colours and most of all the dragon.


On New Year's Day we have shrimp carrot cake it might sound gross but it’s lush. The biggest feast is delicious. Tangerines with leaves are the luckiest fruits in China because of their bright colour. Odd numbers are unlucky so we always put them in pairs. In the evening then we fly floating lanterns in the air.

I would like New Years Day every day!

By Byron

My New Year.

I am so excited for the New Year!! But I have to clean the house up to get rid of the bad luck from last Year will go. After we have cleaned the house we put fire crackers in the windows to scare away the evil spirits because we hate them!!


For the first day of New Year our families try not to eat meat because each Year is named after an animal. On New Year day our family’s favourite food is white carrot cake that contains dried shrimps. I know it sounds disgusting but it’s really nice.


Every Year we wear red because it’s the main colour for clothes and decorations for the New Year.


I receive a red envelope every year and money is in it and I feel happy when I receive the red envelope.


Every year we go and see the dragon dancing the, dragon walks down the road to celebrate the New Year. The celebration of the New Year lasts for 15 days straight. And we say Kung hei fat Choy and that means we hope you get rich!

By Darcy


My New Year in China.

I’m feeling very excited, I can’t wait to tell everyone about it and I’m having all my family over, first we clean the house to get all the bad spirited from last year. Next we put firecracker in the windows because it frightens the evil spirits away.

Everyone wears  red because it represents joy and happiness.

We all get together to have a feast as a family. We do not eat meat on the first day because we remember the animals of the zodiac.

I’m giving my friends tangerines but not in odd numbers because it’s bad luck.

We are going to watch the colourful dragon dancing down the street by the rhythm of the drum.

Later on, we set the lanterns off and then we get red money packet. 

Kung hei fat choy.

By Jessica